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Derbyshire Appearances

Over 100 Caps Continued

Hopkinson J. (Rutland) 166 
Jinks L. (S.D.M.W.) 134* 

Maddocks K. (Derby West End) 124 
McGill R. (Derby West End.) 156 

Menzies S. (Derby West End.)  123*​​
Milnes T. (Derby West End.)  171 
Peel D. (Long Eaton Y.M.)  167 
Poynton A. (S.D.M.W)  129
Prati R. (Stanton Clubhouse)  296* 
Prince D. (Long Eaton Town.)  127

Robinson Russ (Stute) 120* 
Sheldon R G (Long Eaton Cooperative.) 111 
Skelton S (Stute) 112 
Smith D. (Long Eaton Town.)  155* 
Smith Gavin (Rutland)   181 
Spurr Sidney (Hallam Fields)  137 
Spurr Steve (Hallam Fields)  118
Summers S (Long Eaton Town)  107 
Thornhill D. (Stute)   164* 
Ware C.J.W. (Rutland)   118 
Wilcoxson J. (Derby West End)  122* 
Wilkinson B. (Long Eaton Town.)  172 
Wilkinson P. (Long Eaton Town)  226 
Wood J.C. (S.D.M.W.)   113

​Wood Les (S.D.M,W) 102*

*Played in the current 2023 season

Names in red & bold achieved a 'milestone' cap during the 2023 season.

​New Caps 2022-23

Bird S (Derby West End) 5*

Bowley James (Long Eaton Town) 2*

Cooper K (Derby West End) 7*

Chaplin N (Derby West End) 8*

Dent M (Long Eaton Town) 6

Elliott K (Derby West End) 7*

Ganderton J (S.D.M.W.) 6*

Greaves L (Stute BC) 6*

Tait G (Stute BC) 9*

George Galpin (Stanton) 1*

Ollie Menzies (DWE) 1*

Steve Runter (DWE) 1*

Josh Starbuck (Stute) 1*

Chris Bywater (Stute) 1*

Taylor Ray (DWE) 3*

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Over 100 Caps -
Adams E. (Hallam Fields) 147 
Allsopp D. (S.D.M.W) 156 
Allsopp M. (S.D.M.W) 302 
Arnett J. (S.D.M.W.) 304 
Attack B. (Long Eaton Cooperative.) 301 
Brotherhood R. (S.D.M.W.) 142 
Broughton P (Stute) 200* 
Bruce L. (Long Eaton Town) 145 
Borrett Mos (Long Eaton Town.) 113 

Bowles H (Long Eaton Town 114
Bowley J. (Stute) 180* 
Bowley M. (Stute) 187* 
Brennan D. (S.D.M.W.) 178
Cooley R. (Long Eaton Town) 134 
Dennis A. (Long Eaton Town) 165 
Doig Tom. (Long Eaton Town) 102 
Dytham S. (S.D.M.W) 172 
Fellows G. (Derby Normanton Park) 145 
Gamble H. (Long Eaton West Park) 110 
Gough R. (S.D.M.W.) 288

Griffin R. (Stute) 207 
Hall S.K. (Long Eaton Cooperative.) 127 
Harris A. (S.D.M.W.) 292 
Haskins J. (Long Eaton Town) 178
Homer D. (S.D.M.W.) 132 

Correct as of August 25th. 2023. Names in Italics played in 2023

Allcock B. (Long Eaton Town) 78

Barnett G. (Long Eaton Town) 37 

Borrett Conor (Long Eaton Town) 30*

Bywater B (Stute) 37*

​Cheetham C. (Stute) 30*

Clipston A. (Stute)  80

Conley E (Long Eaton Town) 25 **      

Fletcher A. (Long Eaton Town) 15

Fradgeley A (Long Eaton Town) 26

Grant Josh (Stute) 34 

Greenough B. (Derby West End)  38*

Harris L. (S.D.M.W) 24 

Hornsby J. (S.D.M.W.)   65*

Lees A (Long Eaton Town) 74* 

Lomax C (S.D.M.W.)  33*

Middlemass S (Long Eaton Town) 50*

Poole R (Long Eaton Town) 46  

Robinson Richie (Stute)  55*   

Slater K. (Stute) 50

Shaw Dean (Derby West End) 6*

Smith Josh (Long Eaton Town) 18*

Starbuck S (Stute) 6*

Terrell M. (Long Eaton Town)  43

Williams A (Long Eaton Town) 6     

** Records lost for Eric Conley – these figures are from his return to the county side in 2015.