Derbyshire Appearances

Over 100 Caps Continued

Hopkinson J. (Rutland) 166 
Jinks L. (S.D.M.W.) 126* 

Maddocks K. (Derby West End) 124 
McGill R. (Derby West End.) 156 

Menzies S. (Derby West End.)  113*

Middlemass S. (Long Eaton Town) 40
Milnes T. (Derby West End.)  171 
Peel D. (Long Eaton Y.M.)  167 
Poynton A. (Long Eaton Town)  126*
Prati R. (Long Eaton Town)  281* 
Prince D. (Long Eaton Town.)  127

Robinson Russ (Stute) 108* 
Sheldon R G (Long Eaton Cooperative.) 111 
Skelton S (Stute) 112 
Smith D. (Long Eaton Town.)  150* 
Smith Gavin (Rutland)   181 
Spurr Sidney (Hallam Fields)  137 
Spurr Steve (Hallam Fields)  118
Summers S (Long Eaton Town)  107 
Thornhill D. (Stute)   153* 
Ware C.J.W. (Rutland)   118 
Wilcoxson J. (Derby West End)  121 
Wilkinson B. (Long Eaton Town.)  172 
Wilkinson P. (Long Eaton Town)  226* 
Wood J.C. (S.D.M.W.)   113

​Wood Les 102*

Names in bold achieved a 'milestone' cap during the 2021 season.

​New Caps 2021

Dean Shaw (Derby West End) 1

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Over 100 Caps -
Adams E. (Hallam Fields) 147 
Allsopp D. (S.D.M.W) 156 
Allsopp M. (S.D.M.W) 302* 
Arnett J. (S.D.M.W.) 298* 
Attack B. (Long Eaton Cooperative.) 301 
Brotherhood R. (S.D.M.W.) 142 
Broughton P (Long Eaton Town) 194* 
Bruce L. (Long Eaton Town) 145 
Borrett Mos (Long Eaton Town.) 113* 

Bowles H (Long Eaton Town 111*
Bowley J. (Long Eaton Town) 166* 
Bowley M. (Long Eaton Town) 174* 
Brennan D. (S.D.M.W.) 175*
Cooley R. (Long Eaton Town) 134 
Dennis A. (Long Eaton Town) 165 
Doig Tom. (Long Eaton Town) 102 
Dytham S. (S.D.M.W) 172* 
Fellows G. (Derby Normanton Park) 145 
Gamble H. (Long Eaton West Park) 110 
Gough R. (S.D.M.W.) 288*

Griffin R. (Stute) 207 
Hall S.K. (Long Eaton Cooperative.) 127 
Harris A. (S.D.M.W.) 291* 
Haskins J. (Long Eaton Town) 178* 
Homer D. (S.D.M.W.) 132* 

Correct as of July 25th. 2021. In addition the following played in the 2019 or 2021 season :-

Allcock B. (Long Eaton Town) 77

Barnett G. (Long Eaton Town) 33 

Borrett Conor (Long Eaton Town) 18

Bradbury R. (Long Eaton Town) 62

Bywater B (Stute) 20 

Clipston A. (Derby West End)  76

Collins L. (Long Eaton Town) 9 

Conley E (Long Eaton Town) 17 **      

Evans A (S.D.M.W.)   21

Fletcher A. (Long Eaton Town) 8

Grant J. (Stute)  33 

Greenough B. (Derby West End)  28

Harris L. (S.D.M.W) 21 

Hornsby J. (S.D.M.W.)   57 

Lomax C (S.D.M.W.)  27

O’Connell M. (S.D.M.W.) 30  

Robinson Richie (Stute)  46   

Slater K. (Stute) 49

Smith Josh (Long Eaton Town) 8 

Starbuck S (Stute) 2

Terrell M. (Long Eaton Town)  34      

** Records lost for Eric Conley – these figures are from his return to the county side in 2015.  

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